The project has changed names and addresses!

The future updates on the Blinki (formerly FireFly) mobile development can be found at:


The initial bits of what will eventually be part of the Eclipse FireFly project have been released by Genuitec. The current release is the WebKit for SWT component that future releases will be based upon.

Acid3 test at 100% and a sample Flash Web site by Rush.

What is it?
WebKit for SWT (ver. 0.5) is an embeddable Java™ WebKit browser component developed by Genuitec. This component can be used in the development of a wide range of Java SWT applications that require integration of rich HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Flash content and functionality.

WebKit for SWT is being developed to serve as a technology platform for our OSS mobile web initiative, Eclipse FireFly Mobile Web DevKit and in the research of a new generation of network-based developer tools.

download WebKit for SWT
You’ll be taken to the portal for download

The initial bits are available for Windows only, with more details available in the .zip file download. The install requires Java6.

The Eclipse Foundation is going mobile.

Genuitec’s proposed project, FireFly, has received the go-ahead from the Foundation and in the coming months will explore creating rich Internet applications (RIAs) for the mobile Web.

FireFly will be part of the Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) project and is currently slated to release with Eclipse 3.5. Users can expect to see the following applications in the proposed FireFly dev kit:

  • previewer
  • debugger
  • Web rendering kit
  • device service access framework
  • deployment framework
  • educational resources

The massive adoption of smart phones such as the iPhone has led nearly all players in the tech space to start developing for mobile devices (the project will include development tools and examples for the iPhone and G1 phone). This trend could be foreshadowing a change that could likely be larger than Web 2.0, as "phones" are becoming more accessible and prominent than laptops.

Read the entire proposal here.

Allison, Genuitec, LLC